Abilene Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Home Builder

BlakeLee Builders is very experienced with the specialty construction of Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) homes.

Basically, foam blocks are stacked together to form the exterior walls of the home. Each row of foam block has ½” rebar installed horizontally. After reaching the desired wall height, vertical ½” rebar is installed on 24” centers. The walls are stabilized and straightened with a special alignment bracing system and then filled with 6 inches of concrete using a concrete pump truck. The concrete is allowed to cure for a minimum of 3 days before the alignment system is removed. At this stage, we are now ready to begin the normal wood construction of the interior walls, ceiling joists and roof framing.

Having built 3 ICF homes for myself and numerous more for customers, I know first- hand the benefits of this type of construction. The 11 ½ inches of combined foam and concrete give the home a great insulation value therefore tremendous energy efficiency. The comfort and quietness of an ICF home is difficult to put into words. It is truly is a unique living experience. Structurally speaking, the walls are equivalent to a storm shelter. In addition, the movement and settlement experienced in typical wood construction is greatly minimized and most often eliminated in ICF construction.